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LCV Victory Fund Announces Largest-Ever $120 Million Investment in 2024 Election Cycle

March 19, 2024
Kelci Hobson,

Washington, D.C.—Today, the League of Conservation Voters (LCV) Victory Fund and affiliated entities announced plans to invest $120 million in the 2024 election cycle–its largest investment ever. This announcement comes on the heels of both President Biden and former President Trump gaining enough delegates to secure nominations from their respective parties for another Biden-Trump face-off in November.

“Our investment must be equal to the stakes, and the stakes have never been higher,” said Pete Maysmith, Senior Vice President of Campaigns for LCV. “Trump and MAGA Republicans have been clear that if they are in control, they will stop at nothing to dismantle climate progress and our democratic institutions in favor of fulfilling Big Oil’s agenda. Meanwhile, President Biden has done more to fight the climate crisis than any other president in our country’s history. We know that when voters hear the contrast between the candidates, and what is at risk, they vote for pro-climate and pro-democracy candidates. We simply cannot afford to turn back the clock on climate progress, we need to finish the job.”

LCV Victory Fund priorities for 2024 include winning the White House, defending the pro-climate majority in the Senate, taking back the House away from Big Oil’s MAGA allies and continuing to make climate progress in the states.  While including LCV Victory Fund’s traditional electoral work of paid media and large field programs, this year’s strategy also includes an expanded field program to include House races, first piloted in the successful NY-03 special election in February; relational organizing programs to activate more peer-to-peer communications about voting, innovative paid digital ad and content creator programs, and more partnerships with other organizations.

The largest-ever investment includes LCV Victory Fund’s independent expenditures in the Presidential and Congressional elections, support for state affiliates’ work in state and local elections, money raised and contributed directly to candidates at all levels through the GiveGreen program (a partnership with NRDC Action Votes), and other programs. For the last several cycles LCV Victory Fund and its affiliated entities have been one of the biggest players supporting pro-climate, pro-democracy candidates in the country–up and down the ballot. The planned $120 million  investment is the largest the family of organizations has made, with recent election cycle investments landing at $100 million in the 2022 midterms and $115 million in 2020 elections.

“The Biden Administration has consistently demonstrated their commitment to the environment by protecting clean air and clean water, passing historic climate legislation, and creating the American Climate Corps, said Maysmith. “ In stark contrast, Trump notably rolled back 100 environmental protections during his time in office, continues to call climate change a hoax, denies the 2020 election and says he’ll be a dictator on Day One. We aim to be on the ground and the airwaves highlighting this contrast and we aim to win.”



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