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Check back soon for more on our 2024 election work.

LCV Victory Fund is laser-focused on ensuring that we elect and protect pro-climate, pro-democracy champions at all levels of government.

This year, climate and democracy champions on the ballot must overcome:

  • Historical election trends: the president’s party typically losses seats in midterm elections.
  • Targeted voting restrictions that are making it harder for the diverse coalition of voters who helped power the Biden-Harris ticket to victory in 2020 to access the ballot.
  • False narratives pushed by right-wing politicians and their allies that attempt to persuade voters to support candidates who will undermine our climate future and subvert our democracy.

To overcome these challenges, LCV Victory Fund will run our largest field effort ever to boost voter turnout among voters who care deeply about climate change and the environment. Through our ClimateVote22 campaign, we’ll work to help elect leaders who support ambitious policies that address climate change and environmental justice on the scale that science and justice demand, and who will defend and expand voting rights to ensure that voters decide elections.

To succeed, we need to protect and elect pro-climate & pro-democracy:

We will be involved in critical, competitive races where we can either protect allies in the Senate or elect new champions to secure a true pro-environment, pro-democracy majority.

We will support our states affiliates’ work to defend governors who our movement helped elect in 2018  — and who’ve made big clean energy gains — and to elect new champions.

We will work hard to protect as many incumbent House champions as possible and help elect new champions in races where our involvement can make the difference.

How We Win in 2022

While the political landscape of 2022 will continue to evolve, we have already identified a few broad imperatives that our work must strategically address, including the need to:

  • Hold and expand the racially diverse Biden-Harris coalition
  • Boost motivation and turnout to overcome targeted voting restrictions
  • Localize messaging, targeting, and partnerships

Here are the tactics that will lead to success:


Your Help Is Needed Now

Our movement could not have won these victories without the early investment of partners like you. Of all the strategies for how we will win in 2022, the most important is early investment. Securing early resources has the best, most exponential effect on the scope and depth of the canvassing and communications we can run. It allows us to:

  • Invest in research and polling
  • Define our target audiences
  • Test effective climate-focused messaging
  • Hire and train canvassers
  • Develop substantive, long-term partnerships
  • Ultimately, turn out the most voters

This is a moment of great consequence. We cannot wait any longer to address the “code red” existential emergency that is the climate crisis. Nor can we allow our democracy to be chipped away bill by bill until election outcomes do not reflect the will of the people. We need leaders who will do much more, and faster, to build a safe, healthy, and just future for all. 

Will you join us in electing them?

Donate now to help us win in 2022.

To learn more about our in-depth plan to win in 2022, please check out our 2022 political plan or contact Rowel Leung at