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3 Key Climate Takeaways from the NY-03 Special Election

February 14, 2024
David Willett, dwillett@lcv.org

3 Key Climate Takeaways from NY-03 Special Election

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FR: Pete Maysmith, SVP, Campaigns, LCV Victory Fund
RE: 3 Key Climate Takeaways from NY-03 Special Election

Tom Suozzi decisively won the special election to replace disgraced Representative George Santos last night and LCV Victory Fund is proud to have contributed to what is hopefully the first of many flipped House seats in 2024. While final analysis will take time, here are three key takeaways from the race:

  • Ground game matters: LCV Victory Fund (LCVVF) invested over $700,000 in a traditional paid canvass as well as an innovative relational organizing campaign in the Queens part of the district. While Suozzi decisively won in both Queens and Nassau County, his overperformance in Queens where LCVVF had field program is notable. Current results show Suozzi winning with 62% of the vote in Queens – 10 points higher than the Democratic candidate in 2022. Given the potential impacts of the election day snowstorm, it was also likely impactful that LCVVF’s field program was focused on getting people out to vote early – making voting plans with voters starting on the first day of early vote.
  • Environmental Issues are on voters’ minds: Both new polling out today and LCVVF’s experience at the doors indicated voters’ concern about environmental issues, including the impacts of climate change and clean water. Canvassers repeatedly encountered voters who were volunteering their concerns unprompted about flooding, extreme weather, and water quality. This experience is backed up by a new PPP poll conducted this past weekend released for the first time here. Key findings include:
      • Tom Suozzi’s vote for the landmark clean energy plan known as the Inflation Reduction Act made voters more likely to support him 39%-21%.
      • Similarly Suozzi’s belief in the science of climate change and his work to reduce carbon pollution made 41% of voters more likely to vote for him versus 21% less likely.
      • The issue of removing lead drinking water pipes when thinking about your vote for Congress was rated as important by over 70% of voters, including 41% saying it was extremely important.
  • Suozzi’s climate message puts Republicans in a tight spot: Tom Suozzi talked about taking on polluters from his very first ad in the campaign, and he connected his support for climate action, including voting for Inflation Reduction Act, to resources and infrastructure that directly benefit the district. House Republicans are already well aware of the effectiveness of this message given how many of them have attempted to take credit for projects they voted against. Voters, however, can clearly see right through their charade.

There are key lessons learned from this race that can be applied to competitive House races across the country this fall. More to come on how good climate policy continues to be good politics very soon.


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