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Trump & Biden: A Clear Contrast

October 27, 2020

When it comes to confronting climate change, building a clean energy economy, and protecting our environment, there’s a clear contrast between Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

» Donald Trump denies the threat of climate change — even calling it a “hoax.”

» Joe Biden says climate change is the “number one issue facing humanity.”

» Donald Trump ignores scientists.

» Joe Biden will listen to scientists.

» Donald Trump says wind turbines cause cancer.

» Joe Biden will create millions of clean energy jobs.

» Donald Trump is rolling back nearly 100 environmental safeguards.

» Joe Biden will prioritize just and equitable environmental policies.

» Donald Trump’s tax plan gave Big Oil companies tax breaks totaling $25 billion.

» Joe Biden wants to stop giving taxpayer-funded subsidies to Big Oil.

» Donald Trump gives aid and comfort to racists.

» Joe Biden will prioritize communities of color harmed by climate change and pollution. 

There’s a reason we took the extraordinary step of naming Donald Trump the “Dirtiest of All Time” — because no elected official has ever posed a bigger risk to our environment and our communities.

Joe Biden will listen to science and expert advice, hold polluters accountable, prioritize environmental justice, and put the U.S. on the path to a 100% clean energy economy.