Pennsylvania | LCV Victory Fund


John Fetterman

Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman is committed to putting the people of Pennsylvania ahead of corporate special interests. That’s why in the Senate he’ll work to lower costs for consumers, fight for environmental justice for all communities, and create high-quality, well-paying union jobs in Pennsylvania’s growing clean energy economy. Additionally, with families getting squeezed at the pump, Fetterman will stand up to Big Oil’s price gouging and hold polluters accountable – and he’s signed the “No Fossil Fuel Money” campaign pledge. Fetterman has also called the climate crisis “an existential threat” and understands that transitioning to clean energy means safer, healthier communities and new economic opportunities.


Mehmet Oz

Phony Dr. Mehmet Oz, who is a longtime resident of New Jersey with no real connection to Pennsylvania, has pushed classic climate change denier talking points – saying that emissions causing climate change are not a problem because carbon dioxide is only “0.04 percent of our air.” In addition to earning the endorsement of Donald Trump, Oz has the backing of Trump administration cabinet officials Rick Perry, Ryan Zinke, and David Bernhardt as well as billionaire oil executive Harold Hamm. Even as a first-time candidate, Oz easily has earned a spot on LCV Victory Fund’s Dirty Dozen list thanks to his support for reopening federal lands for oil and gas drilling, claiming that the “technology doesn’t exist” to transition to clean energy, and parroting the debunked conspiracy theory that “much of the woke green movement was funded by Putin” on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show.