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Al Gross

A lifelong Alaskan, Dr. Al Gross understands and values the importance of science and the urgent need to confront the climate crisis. He knows that by investing in renewable energy, Alaska can transition away from its extractive economy to a cleaner, more sustainable future that creates good-paying jobs for Alaskans. Additionally, Gross will work to help those impacted and displaced by climate change.

Gross has also been an outspoken opponent of the proposed Pebble Mine that would threaten Bristol Bay. He’ll stand up to the corporate polluters threatening Alaskans’ way of life — fighting for just and equitable environmental policies that protect Alaskan communities.


Dan Sullivan

The Pebble Mine project threatens Bristol Bay and goes against the will of local tribes, fishermen, and Alaskans. But while Dan Sullivan was commissioner of Alaska’s Department of Natural Resources, it issued numerous permits for the mine. And now, since running for Senate, Sullivan has taken more than $460,000 in campaign contributions from the mining industry — including $10,000 from Pebble executives.

Alaska is also on the frontlines of the climate crisis. The state has warmed more than twice as fast as the rest of the U.S. over the past 60 years. But Sullivan continues to deny the need for urgent action, consistently voting to strip environmental protections that protect Alaskans. In the Senate, Sullivan has earned an LCV lifetime score of just 8%. At the same time, oil and gas interests have contributed more than $740,00 to his campaigns.


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