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Trump’s Billion Dollar Promise to Big Oil

May 9, 2024
Kelci Hobson,

Washington, DC: In response to the Washington Post’s exclusive revelations that Donald Trump demanded $1 Billion from Oil Executives in exchange for which he would promise to roll back President Biden’s efforts to fight the climate crisis, build a clean energy economy and protect clean air and water, LCV Victory Fund issued the following statement from Senior Vice President for Campaigns, Pete Maysmith:

One.Billion.Dollars. That is the price tag Donald Trump put on bowing to oil executive demands to roll back the progress Joe Biden has made on climate, on family-sustaining clean energy jobs, on lowering costs and on protecting our communities. In addition to making increasingly unhinged anti-environmental comments on the campaign trail, Trump has also repeatedly said he would be a “dictator for one day” to accelerate oil drilling. Now we know he sees it as a transaction to benefit himself – $1 billion for Trump, a devastating climate future for the rest of us. Trump’s vow to halt clean energy and cater to Big Oil will do nothing to help people or lower prices and the oil industry knows it. It was already revealed this week that it was U.S. oil executives who have been colluding with OPEC to keep prices high and have been writing Executive Orders for Trump to sign on Day One. The choice has never been more clear. Trump is willing to hand the country over to oil executives and sell out a healthier and more prosperous world for future generations. Joe Biden has already made more progress on climate and environmental protection than any other president ever and is just getting started.”


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