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Seth Meyers: Trump is continuing his all-out assault on the environment

July 29, 2020

Donald Trump has earned the dubious Dirty Dozen honor of the “Dirtiest of All Time” thanks to the fact that he’s rolled back nearly 100 environmental safeguards — putting the health and well-being of our communities at risk. Even worse, Trump’s actions also perpetuate environmental racism and its unconscionable impacts on communities of color.

But don’t just take our word for it. Late Night’s Seth Meyers devoted nearly 10 minutes to how Trump is quietly continuing his all-out assault on the environment — even as coronavirus cases continue to surge in states across the country.

In the entire history of LCV Victory Fund’s Dirty Dozen program, no elected official has ever posed a bigger risk to our environment and our health than Donald Trump and he clearly deserves the title “Dirtiest of All Time.” His refusal to listen to the experts, and his prioritizing of corporations over people, hurts our communities — especially communities of color and low-income communities.