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Republicans are the threat to public lands—not immigrants

December 4, 2023
Nick Abraham, 206-833-7021,

Washington, DC: In response to The National Republican Congressional Committee launching a digital ad campaign featuring artificial intelligence-created images of national parks “overrun with illegal immigrants” LCV Victory Fund issued the following statement from Pete Maysmith Senior Vice President of Campaigns:

“In the least surprising news of the day, House Republicans fabricated more stories for their agenda. Their new A.I.-generated ad is not only xenophobic, racist and abhorrent, it is beyond hypocritical for Congressional Republicans to pretend they care about public lands. House Republicans are working every day to roll back environmental protections and expand oil and gas drilling on our public lands. They repeatedly threaten to shut down the government and close the parks they claim to protect. Republicans are the threat to public lands—not immigrants. As if the House Republicans proposals to dramatically change the U.S. immigration system were not inhumane and cruel enough, this attempt to pretend it is out of concern for treasured National Parks is as fake as the ad’s A.I. generated images.”

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