Somos PAC, LCV Victory Fund Launch Pro-Biden Spanish Ads In Nevada

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October 6, 2020
Contact: Matt Canter, | Emily Samsel,

New Ad Campaign Aims To Reintroduce Biden’s Story to Spanish-Speaking Nevadans

Carson City, NV — Somos PAC, a Latino-led progressive hub for persuading and mobilizing Latino voters, and LCV Victory Fund today announced a $1 million statewide Spanish radio and TV buy in Nevada aimed at reintroducing Biden to Latino voters. The ads tell Biden’s personal story overcoming struggle that so many Latino voters can relate to.

WATCH: “Nuestra Historia” (60 seconds)

WATCH: “Nuestra Historia” (30 seconds)

“Latino voters have heard enough about Trump. Right now they are looking to credible, independent voices to learn more about Joe Biden and what his presidency would mean for them,” said Melissa Morales, President of Somos PAC. “That is why Somos PAC, in partnership with organizations like LCV Victory Fund, is making major investments across the country in grassroots field operations and paid communications to restart a conversation about who Joe Biden is, what he has overcome, and what we can all overcome if he is elected president.”

“Nevada voters are on the front lines of climate change and only one candidate in this race, Joe Biden, will listen to scientists and experts and protect the health and well being of Latinx families,” said Megan Jacobs, National Campaigns Director, LCV Victory Fund. “Biden has helped our country rebuild from multiple ongoing crises before — he doesn’t give up. We need him in the White House fighting for us.” 

 The Nevada investments are part of Somos PAC’s multi-million dollar national push for the final 25 days aimed at boosting support for Joe Biden and other Democrats among Latino voters. The new campaign includes unprecedented investments in field operations to facilitate hundreds of thousands of direct conversations with Latino voters, targeted direct mail and digital campaigns to key Latino constituencies and Spanish radio and television buys.

The 30 second TV ad is joint between Somos PAC and LCV Victory Fund. The 60 second TV ad and radio spots are Somos PAC only. The ad campaign will run through Election Day. 

The script for the new 30 second ad and an English translation are below.

“Nuestra Historia”
Nuestra historia
Es sobre valentía
Y nunca rendirnos
Y esa es la historia de Joe Biden
Durante la peor crisis
económica en décadas
Joe no se rindió
Nos ayudó a defendernos
Joe sabe que el cambio climático es real
Y va a trabajar para detenerlo de la mano de la ciencia
Y hoy que enfrentamos un nuevo reto
Necesitamos un lider que nos ayude a reconstruir
Y que ya lo haya hecho antes

English translation – “Our Story”
Our story
Is a story of courage
Of family
And never giving up
And that is Joe Biden’s story
During the worst economic crisis in decades
Joe didn’t give up
He helped us fight back
Joe knows climate change is real
And will work with scientists to stop it
And as we face this new challenge
We need a leader to help us rebuild
Who’s done it before


# # #

Paid for by Somos PAC,, and LCV Victory Fund,, and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.