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LCV Victory Fund Response to First GOP Debate

August 23, 2023
David Willett,

Milwaukee, WI: In response to the first Republican Presidential Debate, LCV Victory Fund issued the following statement from SVP of Campaigns, Pete Maysmith:

“Good on Fox News moderators and an American Conservation Coalition activist for asking a question about climate change, grounded in the real-world climate impacts people are feeling right now and highlighting a top priority for young voters. It is unfortunately unsurprising that virtually all the candidates completely ignored the serious question of a young voter and instead spent their time sniping at each other, calling climate change a hoax, and parroting Big Oil’s same tired talking points. People are dying and they couldn’t even take the question seriously. This is exactly why young people are voting for Democrats at higher and higher levels.

“The candidates repeatedly ignored the reality that the Biden-Harris affordable clean energy plan is fueling an economic boom with 170,000 jobs created and 272 clean energy projects underway here at home. The Republican plan to “drill, frack, burn” will do nothing to lower costs or increase national security, but it will increase pollution, harm communities, and kill good, family-sustaining clean energy jobs that are the future for our country. The difference between the Joe Biden-Kamala Harris ticket and the Republican field of challengers on climate change and the environment could not be more stark and the stakes could not be higher. ”


Earlier today, LCV Victory Fund issued a memo on the candidates’ positions on clean energy and climate change. 


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