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LCV Victory Fund Releases New Anti-Trump Digital Ads & Direct Mail

June 17, 2020
Contact: Emily Samsel,, 828-713-9647

Paid media part of ongoing $14 million environmental swing voter program


Washington, D.C. — As part of its ongoing $14 million anti-Trump campaign targeting ‘environmental swing voters,’ LCV Victory Fund released new digital ads and direct mail that expose the truth about Donald Trump’s harmful environmental record, and its similarities to his coronavirus response. 

The ongoing paid media campaign targets voters in the battleground states of Arizona, Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. LCV Victory Fund is partnering with Priorities USA Action for the digital programs in Michigan, Florida, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. Since the start of the paid media campaign last month, the ads have had tens of millions of impressions on various digital platforms including Facebook, YouTube, and Hulu across all six battleground states.

WATCH: Titans


WATCH: Serious

WATCH: Tapped

WATCH: Cries Hoax

WATCH: Family

WATCH: Every Year

WATCH: Out of Sight

MAILER: “Warning”
MAILER: “Hoax”
MAILER: “Losing Arizona”
MAILER: “Water & Health”
MAILER: “Our North Carolina”
MAILER: “Doctor”

“Donald Trump is currently exploiting a nation in pain, in the middle of a pandemic that is disproportionately harmful to Black, Latinx and Indigenous communities, to dismantle environmental policies that protect our children and families,” said Pete Maysmith, LCV Victory Fund Senior Vice President of Campaigns. “Voters need to know that Trump refuses to listen to experts, prioritizes corporations over people, and denies the threat of climate change just like he denied the threat of the coronavirus. Trump is putting the health of our communities at extreme risk, especially communities of color and low-income communities.”

“Donald Trump’s environmental record is self-serving, reckless, and dangerous,” said Priorities USA Executive Director Patrick McHugh. “Voters deserve to hear the truth about the existential threat that four more years of Trump represents, and the disproportionate harm his policies stand to bring to our most vulnerable communities, already hurting from the multiple crises we’re facing as a nation.” 

The new ads and mail use research-driven messaging about Trump’s record on climate, and its links to the coronavirus pandemic, as well as the environment, and the damage he’s doing to clean air and drinkable water. Some of the ads address state-specific environmental issues, like “Out of Sight,” which is running in Arizona and points to the state’s extremely high air pollution levels and the negative impacts that Trump’s latest rollbacks of air pollution safeguards could have on Arizonans’ health, including exacerbating the symptoms of coronavirus. In North Carolina, “Family” and “Tapped” call attention to the highly contaminated drinking water in the state, including with toxic coal ash, and the way Trump’s actions are making contamination worse.

This high-frequency digital advertising and accompanying high repetition direct mail program is targeted at a total universe of 1.58 million “environmental swing voters” who were identified through advanced modeling techniques. The program will continue to run until the Democratic National Convention on August 16.

Scripts of the new ads are below.

Our kids aren’t titans of industry
Or big political donors
But their safety still matters
Corporate polluters are letting cancer causing chemicals 
Into drinking water across the state
And President Trump stood up for them
But he should be standing up for our kids

You can’t see the toxins corporate polluters let into our drinking water
But you can see how they get away with it
Because instead of requiring polluters to pay for their mess
Trump’s letting chemical companies off the hook
Ignoring the science and the health experts who know
When polluters don’t pay for the poisons they’ve put in our drinking water
We pay
With our health
Donald Trump has consequences for all of us

You should listen to experts
Even if you think you know best
But while 97% of experts warned about climate change
Trump: ‘Global warming … a lot of it’s a hoax’
And when coronavirus came
Trump: ‘This is their new hoax’
Every time, Trump only listens to himself

We should now have to worry about our water
But North Carolina has tap water with the highest contamination 
From cancer causing forever chemicals
Donald Trump is gutting water pollution protections 
And opposing limits on dumping those forever chemicals into our water

“Cries Hoax”
Trump cries hoax and we pay the price
Trump: ‘A lot of it’s a hoax’
Trump: ‘This is their new hoax’
Trump: ‘It’s a hoax, a lot of it’
Trump: ‘It’s a hoax’
Trump denied the threat of coronavirus just like he denied the threat of climate change
Trump doesn’t listen to experts
Instead he cries hoax

Drinking water
Taking a bath
Brushing teeth
If our water isn’t safe
Our family isn’t safe
But North Carolina has tap water with the highest contamination 
From cancer causing forever chemicals
Now Donald Trump is gutting water pollution protections
Even from toxic coal ash
And opposing safeguards that would limit 
The dangerous forever chemicals in our water
We all hoped he’d be different
But we have to look out for our families’ health

“Every Year”
Matthew, Florence, Dorian
Every year stronger, more dangerous
Climate change
It’s raising sea levels and producing bigger storms
But Donald Trump called the science a hoax
And he’s rolling back limits on carbon pollution that causes it
Overruling NASA, the Pentagon, and climate scientists who say we need urgent action
For us that means more flooding, more destruction
Donald Trump is making it worse

“Out of Sight”
While one crisis is dominating the headlines
Another is happening out of sight
Donald Trump is blocking safeguards on dangerous air pollutants
Toxic metals, like mercury, linked to brain damage
And lung damaging industrial particles
Even after a study showed a troubling link to higher coronavirus death rates
Arizona has some of the most polluted air in the nation
When we’re at risk, Donald Trump is making it worse

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Paid for by LCV Victory Fund,, and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.