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LCV Victory Fund Announces Initial $1.15M Investment in Battleground House Races

September 8, 2020
Contact: Emily Samsel,, 828-713-9647

New ads launching today in NJ-03, NY-22, SC-01

Washington, D.C. — LCV Victory Fund today announced an initial investment of $1.15 million to protect and expand the pro-environment-led House of Representatives and launched new ads to re-elect Rep. Andy Kim in NJ-03, re-elect Rep. Anthony Brindisi in NY-22, and re-elect Rep. Joe Cunningham in SC-01. LCV Victory Fund is partnering with House Majority PAC for the ad campaign to re-elect Rep. Cunningham in SC-01.

President Trump won all three districts in the 2016 election. LCV Victory Fund’s 2020 poll of battleground House districts, in partnership with NRDC Action Votes, EDF Action, and House Majority PAC, found that environmental messaging, both critiques of anti-environmental politicians and positive messaging in support of environmental champions, can swing competitive House races.

WATCH: “Contaminated” (NJ-03)

WATCH: “Risk” (NY-22)

WATCH: “Toxic” (SC-01)

“In the final two months we’re investing big in some of the Trumpiest districts in the country because the vast majority of voters on both sides of the aisle want to see action on climate,” said Emily Crerand, LCV Victory Fund National Campaigns Director. “Trump and anti-environment Republicans have put the health and safety of our communities, especially communities of color, at extreme risk — we need leadership in Washington who will fight for a just and equitable clean energy future.”

A number of digital ads including “Contaminated” will run on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Hulu, Roku, Preroll, and OTT through election day in NJ-03. “Risk” (NY-22) will air on TV in the Utica and Binghamton markets through late September. “Toxic” (SC-01) will air on TV in the Charleston and Savannah markets through late September.

Scripts of the new ads are below.

Contaminated” (NJ-03)
David Richter ran a company that made him millions
His company worked on a project
That later contaminated a source of drinking water
And others that spewed toxic emissions into communities
We can’t count on David Richter to protect us
Or our health

Risk” (NY-22)
Now more than ever
We know breathing unhealthy air puts us all at risk
But Claudia Tenney took nearly 200 thousand dollars from corporate polluters
And voted to let them pollute even more
Putting more people at risk for diseases like cancer and asthma
Even as she voted to help her insurance industry supporters
Make you pay more for pre-existing conditions
Tenney in Congress is bad for your health

Toxic” (SC-01)
In the Lowcountry
Our water and coastline are a way of life
But not for Nancy Mace
She’s taken 25 thousand dollars in campaign contributions from corporate polluters
Polluters want to release toxic arsenic and mercury
That can end up in our rivers and drinking water
And they want to elect Nancy Mace
When water quality suffers
So does the Lowcountry
Mace can’t be trusted to look out for us

# # #

Paid for by LCV Victory Fund,, and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.