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LCV Victory Fund: Adam Laxalt is Bought and Sold by Greedy, Profiteering Oil and Gas Industry

June 15, 2022
Contact: Emily Samsel,, 828-713-9647

Washington, D.C. – In response to Adam Laxalt winning the Republican Primary for U.S. Senate in Nevada, LCV Victory Fund issued the following statement from Senior Vice President of Campaigns Pete Maysmith:

“Adam Laxalt is bought and sold by the fossil fuel industry that is currently celebrating record profits while Nevadans pay historically high gas prices. Siding with oil companies that are jacking up gas prices should be disqualifying for any candidate in 2022. Laxalt is the definition of a MAGA Republican – his defense of the Big Lie and support for voter suppression efforts would systematically silence the voices of Nevadans, particularly people of color. Nevadans suffering from extreme heat and struggling to make ends meet deserve better than a climate denier who is in bed with corporate polluters and Donald Trump.

“Luckily, Nevadans already have a proven climate and democracy champion representing them in Washington – and LCV Victory Fund will fight like hell to ensure Senator Catherine Cortez Masto is re-elected in November.”

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Some important reminders about Adam Laxalt’s allegiance to Big Oil and the Big Lie:

  • Laxalt is a climate denier. As Attorney General, he signed a letter defending Exxon Mobil Corp. saying there is a “reasonable suspicion” of climate science.
  • Laxalt and his wife own ‘between $16,002 and $65,000’ in Chevron Corporation stock. Chevron made $6.5B in profits in Q1 of 2022 as gas prices skyrocketed, nearly 4 times higher than the same period last year.
  • In his failed 2018 gubernatorial run, Laxalt benefitted from more than $2.5 million in outside spending from groups bankrolled by Big Oil.
  • The majority of Laxalt’s corporate PAC donations are from fossil fuel companies or businesses that profit from fossil fuel energy, according to the FEC.
  • Laxalt has accepted over $150,000 in campaign donations directly from fossil fuel companies – Laxalt received $42,500 from the oil and gas industry in his 2014 campaign for AG and his failed 2018 campaign for governor, and he’s taken $114,235 so far in his Senate bid.
  • Laxalt worked with Trump to try to overturn the 2020 election, continues to perpetuate the Big Lie to this day, says he would investigate 2020 election if elected to the Senate, and won’t commit to voting to certify hypothetical 2024 presidential election results.
  • It’s notable, yet not surprising, that Senator Cortez-Masto’s first ad of the general election draws attention to Laxalt’s deep ties to Big Oil.

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