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Climate Vote 2020: A Project of LCV Victory Fund

This Is Our Generation’s
‘Now Or Never’ Moment

Scientists say we have 10 years to act to avoid climate catastrophe.

What will YOU do in 2020 to prevent a climate catastrophe while we still have time?

In anticipation of the most important election of our lifetimes, LCV Victory Fund has launched the most ambitious campaign in our history to elect candidates who will fight for climate solutions that confront the toxic legacy of environmental injustice. Our ClimateVote2020 campaign is a detailed, research- and data-driven plan to mobilize more than 7.5 million targeted voters in key constituencies in battleground states in order to:

Replacing Trump with a pro-climate candidate is of the utmost urgency to our country, democracy, and planet.

We must defend key champions and elect 3-4 new pro-climate senators in order to enact just and equitable climate legislation in 2021.

The pro-climate majority in the House is currently the lone federal defense against the Trump administration’s attacks on our health and environment. It must be maintained at all costs.

Your help is needed now.

The 2020 elections offer the best hope for our nation to win the large-scale action needed to avert climate catastrophe, confront the toxic legacy of environmental injustice, and transition to a clean sustainable future.

With the window for effective action closing by the day, our nation’s environmental challenges require political solutions. We can still solve the climate crisis if we elect leaders in 2020 who have the courage to act.  However, we will not win an extremely close election without planning, commitment, and a massive mobilization of voters across the country.

We need you with us to win. None of us alone will solve the climate crisis, but together we can. Thank you for your partnership with LCV Victory Fund during this pivotal moment.

To learn more about our in-depth plan to defeat President Trump, win a pro-climate majority in the U.S. Senate, and hold the U.S. House,  please contact Alex Hess at