Climate Voters Mobilization Program

Climate Voters Mobilization

LCV Victory Fund and Climate Power Action have launched the Climate Voters Mobilization program, a strategic, surround-sound digital advertising and direct mail marketing campaign to nearly 2 million voters in Congressional battleground states and districts. The Climate Voters Mobilization program is focused on the following Senate and House races:

The program is targeted to voters who supported President Biden in 2020, are in jeopardy of not showing up and voting for pro-climate Democrats in 2022, and are uniquely mobilized by climate and environmental issues. The two groups will serve three waves of digital ads, including on streaming tv, and direct mail to these voters about where their candidates stood on the strongest climate legislation in U.S. history, the Inflation Reduction Act, and the need to re-elect them, between now and Election Day.

The Climate Voter Mobilization universe of two million voters was identified using sophisticated modeling and message testing in development since April. Polling showed that across this universe our messages had a 7.3% average effect on enthusiasm to vote and 15.7% average effect on strength of support for Democrats. Overall, these ‘climate voters’ are younger, more female, racially more diverse, more likely to live in suburban or urban areas than rural areas, and slightly more college educated than not.

The 2022 Climate Voters Mobilization program is modeled after LCV Victory Fund and Priorities USA Action’s successful 2020 ‘Environmental Swing Voters’ program which served ads and direct mail about Trump’s anti-environmental record to a universe of swing voters who cared about the environment. A post-election test found that the 2020 program increased the Democratic vote margin among target voters by almost six points.

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