LCV Victory Fund's Dirty Dozen - Yvette Herrell

Yvette Herrell

2020 Dirty Dozen

Yvette Herrell has a record of siding with special interests while advancing her own career. Herrell used her time in the New Mexico state legislature building connections to Washington special interests through the Koch-funded lobbying group ALEC, while letting taxpayers help foot the bill for her trips to its lavish conferences in Washington, D.C. As a member of the New Mexico House of Representatives, Herrell has voted against environmental protections and proposed an extreme attack on New Mexico’s public lands that could result in public lands being sold off to private developers. She has a 14% lifetime score from Conservation Voters New Mexico. This is Herrell’s second run for Congress, her second time on LCV Victory Fund’s Dirty Dozen and a rematch against LCV Action Fund-endorsed Rep. Xochitl Torres Small.

In The News

New TV Ad Exposes NM-02 Candidate Yvette Herrell’s Special Interest Priorities

Las Cruces, NM — Today, EDF Action Votes and LCV Victory Fund launched a television ad campaign exposing politician Yvette Herrell’s record of putting...

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LCV Victory Fund Investing At Least $2.5M To Elect Women of Color To Congress

New paid media campaigns in FL-26, NC-08, NY-02, TX-23, and TX-24 Washington, D.C. — LCV Victory Fund announced today that the organization plans to...

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LCV Victory Fund Launches Six Figure Anti-Herrell Ad in NM-02

“We can’t let Yvette Harrell turn New Mexico into the ‘Land of Development’” Santa Fe, NM — LCV Victory Fund launched a new six...

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LCV Victory Fund names additional members of 2020 Dirty Dozen: Senator Joni Ernst, David Richter, State Delegate Nick Freitas, Yvette Herrell, Fmr. Rep. Claudia Tenney, and Beth Van Duyne

Washington, D.C. –  LCV Victory Fund today announced that Iowa Senator Joni Ernst, David Richter (NJ-03), State Delegate Nick Freitas (VA-07), Yvette Herrell (NM-02),...

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