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Gary Peters

Senator Gary Peters has been a tireless champion for the Great Lakes and clean water. From fighting to protect Michiganders from toxic PFAS chemicals to working to secure much-needed resources to upgrade Flint’s water infrastructure, he has been a relentless advocate for clean, safe drinking water for all.

Senator Peters also sees that the challenges of climate change offer Michigan new opportunities to create jobs through the development of wind, solar, and other renewable technologies. It’s no surprise that the senator has earned a perfect 100% score in LCV’s National Environmental Scorecard for the last five years.


John James

While Michigan Senate candidate and 2020 Dirty Dozen member John James has no political record to speak of, he has a history of making statements against environmental regulation and climate action. James is endorsed by the Koch-founded group FreedomWorks, which supports an agenda of “rolling back environmental regulations” and has opposed a budget that restored funding for the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative (GRLI) after the White House tried to cut it. James has said he supports the Trump agenda “2000%” and has refused to stand up to the administration’s policies that hurt the Great Lakes, including Trump’s opposition to new PFAS cleanup standards. James has attacked Biden’s climate plan saying it woulddestroy the economies of the industrial Midwest.”


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