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Somos PAC and LCV Victory Fund Air Second Ad as Part of $1.7 Million Statewide Ad Buy

July 9, 2024

Phoenix, AZ (July 9, 2024)Today, Somos PAC and the LCV Victory Fund aired the second installment of a $1.7 million statewide broadcast TV ad campaign in support of Ruben Gallego. The new 30-second Spanish-language ad titled “Nuestra Historia,” is part of the ad buy Somos PAC and LCV Victory Fund launched earlier this year, making it to-date the largest and earliest Spanish-language ad campaign in this year’s Arizona Senate race. 

The new ad spot showcases Ruben Gallego’s experience growing up as a child of immigrants working hard to ensure the next generation has more opportunities. From going to work to help his single mom while she worked to make sure he got to college, to actually working his way through college, serving in Iraq and joining Congress, Ruben Gallego has proven to be a fighter for Arizona’s hardworking families. During this time in Congress, he voted to lower prescription drug prices, cap the cost of insulin, hold corporations accountable for raising prices on working people, reduce pollution in the air we breathe, and bring more good-paying jobs for all Arizonans.

“Ruben Gallego understands the story of hardworking Arizonans because it is his story too,” said Melissa Morales, President and Founder of Somos PAC. “Our families work hard to ensure the next generation has the opportunities and tools they need to get ahead and that is precisely what Ruben Gallego continues to fight for – lower prices, more good paying, quality jobs and making life more affordable. That is also why we are continuing to do our part to ensure Spanish-speaking voters statewide learn more about his story and what more is possible with Ruben Gallego as the first Latino to represent Arizona in the U.S. Senate come November.”

“Ruben Gallego has made it clear he will fight to lower costs for Arizonans and protect our climate, communities and families,” said Eva Estrada, Campaigns Director for LCV Victory Fund. “Arizonans are experiencing record-breaking levels of heat that are a threat to the safety of our communities. Gallego knows we need to act now to reduce extreme weather conditions and has shown a commitment to building a clean energy economy, which will help lower costs for families and create high-paying, family sustaining jobs.”

About Somos PAC

Somos PAC, a sister organization to Somos Votantes, is a Latino-led, Latino-focused organization dedicated to electing progressive candidates. Somos PAC was created to help raise funds to support and invest in candidates who prioritize the needs of the Latino community.

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