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LCV Victory Fund Statement on Trump and Yet Another Big Oil Fundraiser

May 22, 2024
Kelci Hobson,

Washington, D.C.– Ahead of former President Trump’s next fundraiser with Big Oil executives this afternoon, the LCV Victory Fund released the following statement from, Pete Maysmith, Senior Vice President for Campaigns:  

“Donald Trump is telling us who he is, again. He is enthusiastically bartering away the progress Joe Biden has made creating clean energy jobs, lowering costs and protecting the planet for future generations in exchange for campaign cash from Big Oil. He has already asked oil executives for a billion dollars for his campaign, we can only assume this week’s meeting is to haggle over exactly what they will get in return. Lawyers for oil executives have started drafting executive orders for Trump to sign if elected to roll back the monumental strides Joe Biden has made on building a clean energy future. Two things are clear, the oil and gas industry will do everything in their power to roll back the historic climate progress made by Joe Biden to build the clean energy economy and finally hold polluters like Big Oil accountable; and Trump will always put Big Polluters and Big Oil ahead protecting our families, our communities and our planet.”


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