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LCV Victory Fund Statement on RNC Efforts to Rollback Clean Energy

July 8, 2024

Washington, D.C.– In response to the RNC’s platform on electric vehicles and clean energy  LCV Victory Fund released the following statement from Vice President of Paid Communications and Elections, Megan Jacobs:

“With a platform light on details but nonetheless looking straight out of Project 2025’s playbook, MAGA Republicans and Donald Trump are determined to do the bidding of the Big Oil CEOs funding their campaigns by rolling back the historic climate progress made by the Biden-Harris administration. While working families across the country are benefiting from clean energy initiatives, Trump’s platform could lead to thousands of workers being laid off, higher energy bills, and more pollution in our air and water. Absent from the platform is any mention of the existential threat of climate change or the impacts people are feeling right now. Instead, all we see are plans to strip away environmental protections, prioritize Big Oil’s wish list, and even sell off public lands. As usual, Trump’s claims about electric vehicles are based on lies and misinformation that have been repeatedly refuted. Among many other alarming extremist views, this platform reflects Trump’s desire to look out for himself and his special interest allies instead of putting hardworking families, communities and our planet first. In stark contrast, the Biden-Harris administration and Democrats in Congress have prioritized lowering energy costs, creating jobs and reducing pollution to protect public health.” 


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