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LCV Victory Fund Statement on First Presidential Debate

June 27, 2024

Washington, D.C.: In response to the first face off of 2024 between President Biden and former president Trump in tonight’s debate, LCV Victory Fund released the following statement from Senior Vice President of Campaigns, Pete Maysmith: 

“Tonight’s debate showed that the choice could not be clearer come November. One candidate, a convicted felon, is willing to do or say anything because he is in it for himself. The other is the president who has made more progress on fighting the climate crisis while creating jobs and lowering costs than any other administration ever. Unsurprisingly, Trump continued to rattle off unhinged and false claims about climate and clean energy, even inexplicably stating ‘we had H2O’ when he was president. The truth is he has vowed to roll back the historic progress made by the Biden Administration, with an oil executive’s wish list that will raise costs for families and jeopardize the health of our communities. Trump has openly and repeatedly put special interests before the people of this country by cozying up to Big Oil CEOs who are looking to increase their profit margin by keeping costs high for consumers. Meanwhile, Joe Biden demonstrated once again that he is committed to combating the climate crisis, building a clean energy future, making clean energy affordable and providing good-paying, family sustaining jobs. Biden understands that combating the climate crisis is good for consumers’ wallets and that the current extreme weather is not natural.”


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