LCV Victory Fund Releases New TV Ads in CT-05, NM-02 – to Protect Climate Champion Rep. Jahana Hayes and Take Down Pro-Polluter Rep. Yvette Herrell  | LCV Victory Fund

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LCV Victory Fund Releases New TV Ads in CT-05, NM-02 – to Protect Climate Champion Rep. Jahana Hayes and Take Down Pro-Polluter Rep. Yvette Herrell 

September 6, 2022
Contact: Emily Samsel,, 828-713-9647

Part of previously announced $2 million paid media campaign in six House races


Washington, D.C. – Today, LCV Victory Fund today released two new TV ads in their 2022 House campaign: “Behind” in opposition to George Logan in CT-05 and “Dump” in opposition to Rep. Yvette Herrell in NM-02. These new ads are part of LCV VF’s previously announced $2 million effort to support climate champions in battleground districts who supported the Inflation Reduction Act and oppose pro-polluter, MAGA extreme candidates. Both ads start running on TV today in their respective districts.

WATCH: “Behind” (CT-05)

WATCH: “Dump” (NM-02)

The anti-Logan ad in Connecticut’s fifth Congressional District calls attention to climate champion Rep. Jahana Hayes’ opponent George Logan’s occupation as a utility company executive, his support for tax breaks for big corporations , and his opposition to clean energy policies that would improve energy security.

The anti-Rep. Herrell ad in New Mexico’s second Congressional District calls attention to the Congresswoman’s votes to allow poisonous chemicals like mercury to pollute New Mexico’s precious land and water resources. Rep. Herrell is a member of LCV VF’s 2022 Dirty Dozen list of the worst anti-environmental candidates for her anti-climate voting record and 0% LCV score, and her close ties to Big Oil.

“We must elect environmental champions this fall like Rep. Jahana Hayes and Gabe Vasquez who supported the strongest climate action in U.S. history, the Inflation Reduction Act, which will lower costs for families and create millions of jobs,” said LCV Victory Fund Regional Campaigns Director Eva Estrada. “There is no place in Congress for pro-polluter candidates like George Logan and Yvette Herrell who are completely out of step with the vast majority of voters in this country who support the Inflation Reduction Act.”

The scripts of both new ads are below.

“Behind” (CT-05)
Who’s behind rising energy costs
Utility company executives like George Logan
As a state senator, Logan voted for millions in tax breaks
Including for big businesses and energy companies
Worse, Logan opposed a clean energy plan
That will reduce our dependence on foreign oil
And lower energy costs for Connecticut families
George Logan and the energy companies profit
We pay the price

“Dump” (NM-02)
Out here water is everything
But for Yvette Herrell, it’s just a dumping ground
Herrell has voted against keeping poisonous chemicals like mercury out of our water
Voted against replacing lead pipes
Herrell voted against higher penalties for companies that dump toxic chemicals
Contaminating our water
Poisoning our crops, our land, and our future
This November, it’s time to dump Yvette Herrell

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Paid for by LCV Victory Fund,, and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.