LCV Victory Fund | Senate Greenwashing: Rhetoric vs. Reality

Senate Greenwashing
Rhetoric vs. Reality

Voters across the country overwhelmingly support bold action to confront the climate crisis and safeguard our air, land, and water. Republicans running for Senate this cycle are seeing those same polls. But no matter what they say and do to earn last minute votes, their hapless attempts to greenwash their records can’t hide the reality of their actual anti-environmental records.

Martha McSally is greenwashing her anti-environment record by talking up solar energy and taking credit for the Great American Outdoors Act.

Martha McSally voted five times to protect Big Oil subsidies over Arizona’s clean energy economy and voted repeatedly to block clean air standards.

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Cory Gardner is greenwashing his anti-environment record by calling himself “a champion for Colorado’s public lands” and running TV ads taking credit for the Great American Outdoors Act.

Cory Gardner refused to support the CORE Act that would protect over 200,000 acres of Colorado land from development and voted against reducing dangerous methane pollution on public lands.

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Joni Ernst is greenwashing her anti-environment record by voicing support for “clean water and clean air” and touting wind power in Iowa.

Joni Ernst called for abolishing the EPA, led efforts to block protections for clean water, and repeatedly voted to block clean air protections. and instead of supporting renewable energy, she voted to protect subsidies and benefits for fossil fuel companies.

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Susan Collins is greenwashing her anti-environment record by touting her support of renewable energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 

Susan Collins voted to confirm Trump’s anti-environment judicial appointees, like Brett Kavanaugh, and voted for Trump’s tax plan that gave Big Oil companies billions of dollars in tax credits while making Maine families ultimately pay more.

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Jones James touts his support for “clean air and clean water” and the Great Lakes restoration initiative, which provides funding to protect critical wildlife habitats in Michigan.

John James said he would have voted against restoring $300 million in funding for the Great Lakes restoration initiative that Trump tried to cut and opposed the clean water rule that protected drinking water sources for 117 million Americans.

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Steve Daines is greenwashing his anti-environment record by claiming that he is fighting to expand access to Montana’s public lands and touting his support of the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF).

Steve Daines proposed stripping protections from over 400,000 acres of Montana wilderness and voted to lay the groundwork for selling off our public lands. Daines even voted to cut $16 million from LWCF.

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Thom Tillis is is greenwashing his anti-environment record by applauding Trump’s decision to extend an offshore drilling moratorium to North Carolina.

Thom Tillis introduced a bill to encourage offshore drilling, which would threaten North Carolina’s economy and coastal communities and repeatedly voted to gut protections for our air and water.

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