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North Carolina

Cheri Beasley

Former Chief Justice Cheri Beasley knows that North Carolina is on the frontlines of the climate crisis – with devastating hurricanes and extreme weather hurting families and damaging local businesses across the state. In the Senate, she’ll work to advance common-sense climate solutions that create new clean energy jobs for North Carolina. Additionally, Beasley is committed to protecting North Carolina’s beautiful coastline from harmful and dangerous offshore oil drilling. Beasley understands that many communities, especially low income and communities of color, face harsh environmental injustices, which is why she’ll fight for the rights of all communities to drink clean water, breathe clean air, and enjoy access to the outdoors.


Ted Budd

Representative Ted Budd landed on LCV Victory Fund’s Dirty Dozen list thanks to consistently voting against the environment while in Congress. He earned an atrocious score of 0% in LCV’s National Environmental Scorecard in 2021 and has a lifetime score of just 3%. A climate change denier, Budd has taken over $100,000 in campaign cash from oil and gas interests while opposing efforts to invest in clean energy, protect North Carolina’s coasts from oil drilling, and maintain the Paris Agreement climate standards. Budd even voted against legislation to crack down on price gouging by the oil and gas industry. And instead of voting to protect the health and safety of North Carolina communities, Budd has consistently voted to allow toxic pollution to spew into our air and water. Budd also toes the Trump-MAGA party line by supporting the “Big Lie” about the 2020 election and voting against certifying election results in Arizona and Pennsylvania on January 6.


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