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North Carolina

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Cal Cunningham

North Carolina Senate candidate Cal Cunningham is a strong champion who has fought to protect North Carolina’s environment. As a member of the state Senate, he helped to pass the Clean Smokestacks Act — landmark clean air legislation that cut harmful pollutants from coal-fired power plants by over 80 percent. Cunningham has said that climate change “is one of the most urgent issues facing” North Carolina and supports investing in a clean energy economy that will create good-paying jobs. Cunningham is also willing to stand up to Big Oil and protect North Carolina’s coasts by opposing offshore drilling.


Thom Tillis

North Carolina Senator Thom Tillis has a lifetime LCV score of 9%. From referring to climate change as “false science” to voting against acknowledging that climate change is real, Tillis has a long history of denying the threat of the climate crisis — despite the fact that North Carolina has been hit by a series of devastating hurricanes causing billions of dollars in damage. Tillis has taken more than $500,000 in contributions from corporate polluters. He has repeatedly opposed investing in clean energy while supporting billions in handouts to Big Oil.

Despite his recent flip-flop to suddenly support a moratorium, Tillis has long supported offshore oil drilling, putting big oil profits ahead of protecting North Carolina coastal communities. In fact, in his very first speech on the floor of the U.S. Senate — a speech most Senators use to introduce their top priorities for their first term in office — Tillis advocated for offshore drilling.


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