LCV Victory Fund's Dirty Dozen | Beth Van Duyne

Beth Van Duyne

2020 Dirty Dozen

Former Mayor of Irving, TX and current Trump administration employee Beth Van Duyne is running for Texas’ 24th congressional district. Van Duyne promotes anti-environment policies, suggesting that climate change is not human-caused, that eliminating fossil fuel is a “radical far-left” policy, and supporting Trump’s tax reform plan that gave billions of dollars to Big Oil companies. She supports opening more rare earth mineral mines in Texas and has claimed that the EPA is “crippling” cities with environmental regulations. In her first mayoral campaign, her largest contributor was an oil and gas executive, and she has received over $135,000 in campaign contributions this cycle from the oil and gas industry. Van Duyne is running in an open seat against LCV Action Fund-endorsed candidate Candace Valenzuela. 

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